The ToneScan Project
A modern wardialer for Windows and Linux.

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  • About ToneScan

    The ToneScan project is an attempt to create a modern telephone security auditing tool for Windows (95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP) and Linux that would be a useful tool for system administrators to audit their pool of dial-up modems, fax machines, PBX DISA's, etc. ToneScan will, hopefully, be a modern alternative to older wardialing/auditing utilities, such as ToneLoc and THC-Scan. Those applications are becoming outdated very quickly, considering they were originally intended to be used under DOS. They also lack some important features that were either impossible to implement in those days, and just features that were perhaps not thought of then. ToneScan hopes to include useful features, and intends to leave out unnecessary features that many users will not need. ToneScan is based on the GNU license.

    Project Goals

    The ToneScan project has two important goals:

    1. To create a modern, easy to use, wardialing utility for both the Windows and Linux operating systems that will be superior to many outdated wardialing utilities currently avaliable.

    2. To write fast clean code.

    Planned Features

    Below is just some of the features ToneScan will hopefully include:

  • Detection of modem carriers, fax machines, dialtones/PBX DISA's, and voice responses.
  • In modem carrier mode, logging of remote system output.
  • Option to specify ranges to wardial, ranges to exclude, etc.
  • In modem carrier mode, the ability to identify the type of system, and attempt to logon using default username/password combos. This is a measure to test the security of the remote system.
  • Option to email a report of a completed wardial to a specified email address upon completion..
  • Option to redial busy telephone numbers X amount of times.
  • Ability to dial telephone numbers from a text file.
  • A do not call list. This will be a file of numbers ToneScan will not dial.
  • The Linux version may interact with asterisk, the open source PBX.


    ToneScan will be written using only the Pascal/Delphi programming languages. No other programming languages will be used (There may be an exception for ASM). It is a requirement that Delphi/Pascal code be 100% compatible with the FreePascal compiler, which supports a great deal of Delphi syntax.

    ToneScan will be available as a console based application. There will most likely be a standalone GUI version for the Windows version as well. Supported operating systems will be Windows (95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP) and Linux.

    Serial port and TCP/IP communication will be possible by using free component class libraries from Ararat Synapse. Both libraries are compatible with Windows and Linux, and also with Delphi (3.0 and above) and FreePascal.


    The ToneScan project is currently in the "Planning" stage. The project is in desperate need of developers. Interested developers are encouraged to send an email to

    The ToneScan SourceForge development page can be found at: Logo

    Last update: 7/26/2005